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Pendant Icon of St. Great Martyr Catherine 8R0PIC

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Categories: Jewelry, Orthodox. Width: 20 (mm). Length (height): 30 (mm). Material: amber, brass


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Buy Pendant Icon of the Holy Martyr Ekaterina 8R0PIC

If you're looking for a stunning and meaningful piece of jewelry, look no further than the Pendant Icon of the Holy Martyr Ekaterina 8R0PIC. This exquisite pendant combines beauty and spirituality, making it a perfect addition to your collection.

Categories: Costume Jewelry, Orthodox

The Pendant Icon of the Holy Martyr Ekaterina 8R0PIC falls into two categories: costume jewelry and Orthodox religious items. Its unique design and intricate details make it suitable for both fashion-forward individuals and those seeking a symbol of their faith.

Dimensions: Width: 20mm, Length (Height): 30mm

With a width of 20mm and a length (height) of 30mm, this pendant is of the perfect size to be worn as a statement piece or layered with other accessories. Its compact dimensions ensure that it can be incorporated into any jewelry collection effortlessly.

Material: Amber, Brass

The Pendant Icon of the Holy Martyr Ekaterina 8R0PIC is crafted with premium materials. The combination of genuine amber and brass adds a touch of elegance and durability to this exquisite piece. The warm tones of amber beautifully complement the rich golden hue of the brass.

Reasonable Prices from $10.9 ✓ EMS Delivery

At just $10.9, this pendant offers exceptional value for its quality and craftsmanship. We believe that everyone should have access to beautiful and meaningful jewelry at affordable prices. Additionally, we offer fast and reliable EMS delivery to ensure that your pendant reaches you safely and promptly.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this stunning Pendant Icon of the Holy Martyr Ekaterina 8R0PIC. Whether you're adding to your costume jewelry collection or seeking a meaningful religious symbol, this pendant is a must-have. Place your order today and embrace the beauty and spirituality it represents.

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